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That’s what we do, we try to work time, slip its knots, get close to that feeling of the sublime—Stephen Kuusisto

Welcome to the May issue of Unearthed (2019). This issue includes work from twenty-five contributors (listed and linked below). The issue includes fiction, poetry, photography, art, and nonfiction, as well as an interview with the writer Stephen Kuusisto. Special thanks to the student editorial board, who read submissions anonymously, and whose conversations about the value and connectedness of this issue made it what it is. These editors are:

Bethany Elliot, Samantha Kolb, Aidan Murphy, Arie Palileo, and Crystal Smith.

Unearthed will return in the fall. We accept submissions year-round, but please see our guidelines for more explicit details, as we do not begin reading submissions again until August 15. Feel free to email us at with any questions. In the meantime, enjoy this issue.

Cheers, Tyler Flynn Dorholt

Managing Editor

This issue could not have been made possible without the support of the Department of Environmental Studies, the Writing, Rhetoric & Communications Program, and  Joel Shaw, from the Office of Communications and Marketing at SUNY-ESF.  


Stephen Kuusisto (and Five Poems)


Art by Katlyn Brumfield
Photography by Patrick Cole
Photography by Rebecca Cristante
Art by Laurence Holden
Photography by Dawnelle Jager
Photography be Devang Shrimali


Rachel Evangeline Barham: “Coral Reef 911”
Bethany Elliot: “Fission
Jack Mungo: “I Was Raised Catholic
Aidan Murphy: “Political Games
Crystal Smith: “Death Insider Her Head
Laura St.Onge: “The Moon, Our Friend
Jesse Yale: “Gold Rush: The Changing World of Kazakh Eagle Falconry”


Jordan Dunn: an excerpt from “Physical Geography as Modified by Human Action.”
Logan Fry: Three Poems
J.D. Ho: One Poem
Carolyn Martin: One Poem
Georgia A. Popoff: Three Poems
Jennifer Schomburg Kanke: Two Poems
Joyce Sutphen: Five Poems
Michelle M. Tokarczyk: Two Poems
Ken L. Walker: One Poem
Cesca Janece Waterfield: One Poem


Michael Forester: The Man Who Spoke to the Dryads