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Welcome to the May issue of Unearthed (2020)!

This issue includes work from twenty-five writers and artists. Throughout the issue, you will encounter poetry, photography, film, art, and nonfiction. You will read texts grounded by transit and transported by confinement; you will view images and video and art burbling with culture and voice; you will find work from faculty and students at SUNY-ESF, and much more from around the globe; most of all, hopefully you will share with us in how each of these contributions unearths ideas, theories, emotions, and truths.

This has been a challenging season to put an issue together. Due to Covid-19, how we read and encounter writing and art has drastically changed for many of us, but the work in this issue is a reminder of how much good company writing and art are.

The challenging fact for us at Unearthed has always been that we often have to turn down good work. Issues strum together their own shape, and each differs. That said, we always encourage submitters to submit again in the future, and we look forward to another issue in the fall. Special thanks to the student editorial board who helped generate energy behind this issue, especially our new student editor, Anna Chwiejczak, who read submissions and monitored our social media accounts this past semester. This issue could also not have been made possible without the support of the Department of Environmental Studies, the Writing, Rhetoric & Communications Program, and Joel Shaw, from the Office of Communications and Marketing at SUNY-ESF.

Unearthed will return in the fall. We accept submissions year-round, but please see our guidelines for more explicit details, as we do not begin reading submissions again until August. Feel free to email us at with any questions. In the meantime, enjoy this issue.

Cheers, Tyler Flynn Dorholt

Managing Editor


An Interview with Karen Garthe

Photographs by Alan Bern
“L’aura,” by Ian Bonaparte
Nature Nurture Illustration Series by Paula Champagne
“Dear Blue Mussel,” by Anna Chwiejczak
Three poems by Thomas Cook
“Note to Self,” by Jesse Czekanski-Moir
“Ceratotherium simum cottoni,” by Toni Daino
Two Poems by Carol V. Davis
“Walls,” by Gavin Duncan
Two Films by Lori H. Ersolmaz
Three Poems by Karen Garthe
At the Foot of the Mountains, a film by Gillian Hall
Two Poems by Dave Harrity
“Singing Waters,” by Liv Hazard
Two Poems by Chris Holdaway
“In Orbit,” by Teresa Kustas
“New Silent Spring,” by Valerie Luzadis
“Candles in the Subway,” by Bria McClain
Photographs by Matthew McGlennen
Three Poems by Cindy Ostuni
“Brief,” by Ella Ramsay
A Poem and a film, by Tracy Sallows
Photographs by Courtney Scheffler
Two Poems by Lyndsey Kelly Weiner
“A World of Her Own,” art by Meghan Weinstein