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Welcome to the December issue of Unearthed (2019)!

This issue includes work from thirty contributors (listed and linked below). Throughout the issue, you will find fiction, poetry, photography, art, and nonfiction. You will find voices lost in the wilderness, found in the wilderness; dispatches from Vermont and Oregon and Texas and Hawaii and Italy and beyond; most of all, you will sense a continuous urge to unearth ideas, theories, emotions, and truths.

Special thanks to the student editorial board, who read submissions anonymously, and whose conversations about what made this issue what it is are paramount. These students read well over 100 submissions. The difficult task for them and Unearthed has always been to turn down good work. As editors, we must come to terms with the fact that rejection is part of the process and happens mostly because each issue takes on its own voice and breadth, and thus we always welcome new submissions from writers and artists who have submitted in the past. The editorial board talked in depth about submissions and they have chosen a wide array of work, all of which gets at what it means to unearth.

The student editors for the December 2019 issue are: Samantha Kolb, Aidan Murphy, and Arik Palileo. This issue could not have been made possible without the support of the Department of Environmental Studies, the Writing, Rhetoric & Communications Program, and  Joel Shaw, from the Office of Communications and Marketing at SUNY-ESF.

Unearthed will return in the spring. We accept submissions year-round, but please see our guidelines for more explicit details, as we do not begin reading submissions again until January. Feel free to email us at with any questions. In the meantime, enjoy this issue.

Cheers, Tyler Flynn Dorholt

Managing Editor


Storey Clayton: “Playing Augmented Reality Games on the Eve of a Mass-Extinction”
Kayla Johnson: Vision
Toti O’Brien: “Engraved”
Leslie Sittner: “Braving the Wilderness”
Patty Somlo: “Holding Both”
Ross West: “Elephant Man: Notes on Science, Salvation, and the End of the World”
Kirby Michael Wright: “Lancers After Ed Sullivan”


Anna Bartel: “Bird Kisses”
Erica Bodwell: “Authentic Presence”
Colleen Coyne: “Memento Mori” and “Edge Noise”
Paul Cunningham: “Song of Polymers”
Marc Alan Di Martino: “Unburial”
Sharon Dolin: “8.3 Billion Metric Tons”
Gavin Duncan: “Black Spots”
Hannah Emerson: Five Poems
Adina Kopinsky: “Tu B’Shvat”
Stephen Kuusisto: “A Landscape”
FJP: “Tundra”
Patrick Lawler: from “FUTURE LIBRARY”
Lisa Masé: “Letter to My Mom” and “How I am American”
Cameron Morse: “Python,” “During the Burial,” and “Dreaming of Yantai
Lauren Scharhag: “Girl With a Gun” and “Parisian Phoenix by Way of Texas”
Lawrence Wilson: “Texas Dirt”


Tara Campbell: “Return”
Alissia J.R. Lingaur: “Phases of Reparation”


Artwork by Arik Palileo Olivia Salamy
Photographs by Kate Kemp
Photographs by Bella Luikart
Photographs by Tom McGrath
Photographs by Allene Nichols