Of Wind

White Wind / Frozen layering like ice sheets, / Yet wicked and swift, / It carves and scours its path.

Of Wind2016-12-08T18:15:05+00:00

Staring Skyward

Arcturus / Leader of the lucida in their nightly procession, / The key: receiver of lightning

Staring Skyward2016-12-08T18:00:26+00:00

Any Moment

Eurydice didn’t look quite so lost yesterday / as I passed the sculpture garden on the way to class.

Any Moment2016-12-12T20:28:39+00:00


An ice footprint stays / long after maker is gone / snowfall soon obscures.


Catching the light

The secondary rain shower / trickles from the leaves of the honey locust

Catching the light2016-12-09T17:26:34+00:00


wispy thoughts drift / across the dome of the sky / as I lay here / supported on the warm earth / in the stillness of the / wind


The Naturalist’s Dilemma

Staring at blank faces while I speak / they’re like walls, plain and blank and even without interest; / now I’m frustrated and careless but flabbergasted nonetheless / as my tone it gets higher, the pace, it gets faster

The Naturalist’s Dilemma2016-12-12T20:33:28+00:00

Against Ourselves

After the Ides of March, four hundred / thousand pure casualties. / Darkness stole the glossy white pearl / Icy tundra untainted, solitary.

Against Ourselves2016-12-12T20:33:46+00:00

The I Am

You ARE a moment/ you are a mystery/ blooming into infinity

The I Am2016-12-12T20:34:03+00:00