Black Spots, by Gavin Duncan

BLACK SPOTSby Gavin Duncan  BLACK SPOTSWhat does it mean to be alive?I am genetically bred to fulfill your needs and expectations. For that very reason I could never be perfect; only better than I was. These black spots are a reminder of my history. The canvas of the cattle is washed black with [...]

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Three Poems, by Cameron Morse

THREE POEMSby Cameron Morse PYTHONNo one told me how long I had to live.No one quoted the statistics.Even the python in Mom’s dreamwas dead, lying on the dining room tableduring a Morse family gathering.No one prophesied the amount of time leftin my ledger. I raise my eyes.There is no more snow on the [...]

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Song of Polymers, by Paul Cunningham

SONG OF POLYMERSby Paul Cunningham  Paul Cunningham is a PhD candidate at the University of Georgia. From the Swedish, he is the translator of Helena Österlund's Words (OOMPH! Press, 2019). He has also translated two chapbooks by Sara Tuss Efrik: Automanias Selected Poems (Goodmorning Menagerie, 2016) and The Night's Belly (Toad Press, 2016). His creative and [...]

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Texas Dirt, by Lawrence Wilson

TEXAS DIRTby Lawrence Wilson    I can’t fly into AmarilloSubject of country songsFor the way the name Of the city soundsLike ‘Amarillo By Morning’In which the bull riderDrives up from San AntoneAnd all the stuff he ownsOnly half fills a suitcaseWhich of course is batteredAnd leather without wheels I can’t fly in looking at the groundWithout [...]

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Two Poems, by Lauren Scharhag

TWO POEMSby Lauren Scharhag   GIRL WITH A GUNafter Louisiana Zombie Afternoon, by Jenn ZedOf course it would happen here. Nobody was surprisedwhen the dead came for Louisiana. We are knownfor our strange history, for saints and voodoo,for vampires and delta blues (the best musicto die by), for jazz funerals (the best musicto waltz [...]

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Tundra, by FJP Langheim

TUNDRAby FJP Langheim  TUNDRANot just quietbut absorbed soundWhere escaped noiseis instantly gonereplacedby looming silhouettesin secret valeswhere dark owls prowland running children stumbleHere at nightI sleep with youinside ice houseson frozen desert lakesand every daywhen my work is finishedI crave your warmthand race the hunters home on bare feetarriving bloodied to the kneesLast nightI [...]

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Five Poems, by Hannah Emerson

FIVE POEMSby Hannah Emerson INTRODUCTION TO HANNAH EMERSON'S WORKHannah and I only began working together earlier this year. She is a natural poet, as you will shortly see, but needed some help finding the right shape for her writing. She also needed someone who understood how her mind and body work, as she [...]

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Two Poems, by Lisa Masé 

TWO POEMSby Lisa Masé    LETTER TO MY MOMMy eyes welled when you wouldn’t leave your bed for three days at a timewith no explanation except a migraine.Your suffering was palpable throughout the apartment, bouncing off of cold marble floors.I wanted to avenge you, but there were too many culprits:your father sitting on the [...]

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Authentic Presence, by Erica Bodwell

AUTHENTIC PRESENCE by Erica Bodwell   AUTHENTIC PRESENCE —after Chogyam TrungpaThe dragon breathes out lightning and roars out thunder. That brings the rain.                                                    I watch my neighbor’s son dive and surface,  [...]

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Unburial, by Marc Alan Di Martino

UNBURIAL by Marc Alan Di Martino  UNBURIALI learned your language to unbury youto feel again your mossy Roman beardbeneath my fingers, to be thunderstruckagain by your accent. You were straniero,never americano, held on to your green cardlike any immigrant with an ounce of hope.Phone calls were costly then, AT&Tselling you a can and string [...]

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