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2015 Archive Waterfall Olivia Pinner, Landscape Architecture, Class of 2018 Up a Tree Kiley Voss, Conservation Biology, Class of 2019 ESF Campus Sketch Savy Kep, Landscape Architecture, Class of 2017 Ranger School Reflections Thomas Eberl, Natural Resource Management, Class of 2017 Hands [...]

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Sarah Kirkpatrick Environmental Biology, Class of 2019 Hands Redwoods Rapids Shannon Irises

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Unearthed is an online literary magazine published by SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry and run by undergraduate student editors working in collaboration with the Writing Program and the Office of SUNY-ESF Communications staff. The journal focuses on works that define the environment as what Glen Mazis calls "surround"--the natural and social [...]



Unearthed is an online literary magazine published by the Writing Program at SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry.We ask that submissions be previously unpublished and for first North American serial rights. Copyright would then revert to the author upon publication. We also ask that when the work is published again a credit line indicate that the [...]


Lingering Wires

"But she doesn’t lie still, she continues to thrash and moan, spraying blood across the ground and staining the foam at her mouth red."

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"The land didn’t take my grandfather away from me. My grandfather gave his life to taking care of the land and passed this relationship on to each of his grandchildren."


Teach Your Children Well

"Unfortunately, we may have been among the last to feel the earth between our toes, to lie beneath the sun-rayed canopy, and remember to 'be home before dark.'"

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Viridescent Beings

"Once you know a space in its intimacy, love is sure to follow. Once a connection is formed with a piece of land, a park, a home, or an entire area, the love that develops will tie a piece of you to that place for your life."

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In My Wildest Dreams

"It’s like we are stuck in the passenger seat of a car racing through time and the wheel is just out of reach. We are powerless, yet we can do anything. Be anyone. Go anywhere."

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