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Sarah Kirkpatrick Environmental Biology, Class of 2019 Hands Redwoods Rapids Shannon Irises

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Unearthed is an online literary journal published by SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry. Founded in 2015, and in collegiate follow up to the print journal Ecologue, Unearthed publishes work that responds to the susurrations of immediacy and place, and that occupies the changes inherent in speaking to, with, and for the environment.To unearth is to [...]



wispy thoughts drift / across the dome of the sky / as I lay here / supported on the warm earth / in the stillness of the / wind


Contact Spinning A Fire Staff

“Many of us would say that we are conscious of our daily activity even though we are not actively watching ourselves executing these actions”

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Oakwood Rambles

"I pause here only to gather my thoughts, but I am surprised at how much I have already observed."

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The Naturalist’s Dilemma

Staring at blank faces while I speak / they’re like walls, plain and blank and even without interest; / now I’m frustrated and careless but flabbergasted nonetheless / as my tone it gets higher, the pace, it gets faster

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The Story Tree

“What is it about our need to tell stories, to leave a relic of our voice behind for the world? We speak, but sounds dissipate into the air, ephemeral as our own lives.”

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Unearthed is an online literary magazine published by the Writing Program at SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry.We ask that submissions be previously unpublished and for first North American serial rights. Copyright would then revert to the author upon publication. We also ask that when the work is published again a credit line indicate that the [...]


Lingering Wires

"But she doesn’t lie still, she continues to thrash and moan, spraying blood across the ground and staining the foam at her mouth red."

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