Their Grasses, Their Reasons

Sarah Tyo

Sarah is from Louisville, New York. Her passion for writing and the environment started when she was very young, spending time with family in the Adirondacks. Her grandmother would encourage her to keep writing and saved all of the poems she wrote her. Her outdoor interests such as archery, horseback riding, hiking, and more led her to ESF to improve her writing and knowledge of the environment. She hopes to have her own sustainable hobby farm one day.

Dawn breaks along with

the farmer’s spirit.

He rises

just to kneel down in prayer.


God sends him to cultivate the land.


The sun stands at high noon with perfect

posture, straight, like our soldiers on the front lines.

To prevent them from

falling on foreign soil,

we must plant seeds on our own.


Dusk approaches with the calls of an owl,

who signals the departure of the sun

below the horizon.


The fields are silent under the blanket of the night.


But convenience is picked rather than picking up a shovel,

and the concrete streets are wide awake


with the lights of the mini-marts that never seem to sleep.


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