Staring Skyward

Rand Michaels

Rand is a third-year student at ESF studying Environmental Education and Interpretation with a minor in writing. He grew up in Northern Michigan and has interests in journalism, sustainable agriculture and all things plants.


Leader of the lucida in their nightly procession,

The key: receiver of lightning

And Bootes’ figurehead

Lighting the way for the loud one

Who drives Ursa Major through the celestial fields

Around and around Polaris

Perceived as the sky’s one constant

But observation fails us,

Reporting its plurality as one

Revealing dynamism as the one universal truth

While Vega occupies the evening zenith

Serenading its observers

With light as the lyre

Of Orpheus once charmed Hades

Too little to win back

Eurydice from the dead

The strings of Lyra can be drawn

To Altair and Deneb

And their great birds

Ascended from Stymphalia

Forming a symbol of summer.