Of Wind

Chapin Czarnecki

Chapin Czarnecki is a sophomore in the biotechnology program at ESF. In addition to lab work, he enjoys quiet walks around Oakwood Cemetery. He has been known to steal a tickle of the ivories on the piano in Nifkin Lounge early in the morning. His future goals include road-tripping the U.S. and engineering biofuels.

White Wind
Frozen layering like ice sheets,
Yet wicked and swift,
It carves and scours its path.

Clear Wind is White Wind melted
A quiet spring featheriness carrying peeper voices
Cool and relaxing, a splash of water
That lifts the whole body.

Brown Wind
Earthy and meandering,
It brings a hot summer breath
Joyfully smudged and dirty.

Blue Wind is heavy like its clouds
No tinkling stream: its raven wings
Belie flashes of violence
And floods of terror.

In the calm dark, one finds, but does not see, Black Wind
It is a nighttime susurrus of dry leaves,
The lilt of tapping oak branches
A comfort to the attuned ear.