Return, by Tara Campbell

RETURNby Tara Campbell    Dear Diary,Wow, I can’t believe it’s been five years since my last entry. Well, I guess I have a reason now.Nick went out again. He’s out right now; he got past my “security system” (pie plates and silverware hanging over the door, but it didn’t wake me up fast enough). [...]

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Phases of Reparations, by Alissia J.R. Lingaur

PHASES OF REPARATIONSby Alissia J.R. Lingaur Frielle hadn’t expected blue. Her daughters were still red-headed under-ones. Her lifemate’s lemon locks coiled near dainty ears and onto a pale, unlined forehead. Just the day before, Frielle oversaw a large shipment of planetary detritus to the Saturn belt for the Department of Resources and Rejuvenation, [...]

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The Thaw

For all the talk of warmth and rebirth, spring is a really ugly season. Trails turn to mud pits and roads to rivers as the thaw begins to take hold, and the brown carcasses of what was left at the end of fall begin to reappear. The ground cover is a layer of partially decayed leaves, and all the damage the winter did is slowly revealed.

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The Siren

Sometimes someone will drown in another part of the river and I can’t help, because the river is large and I am only one person.

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Lingering Wires

"But she doesn’t lie still, she continues to thrash and moan, spraying blood across the ground and staining the foam at her mouth red."

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The Expedition

"The astronomer had calculated where the planet we were looking for would lay: the “Goldilocks” zone, where the star’s heat would neither be so close that the planet’s water would boil nor so far that it would freeze—the temperature at which life was likely to form."

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