Katlyn Brumfield grew up around the forests and farmlands of central Kentucky. Her work has been featured at several galleries and exhibition spaces including the Lexington Art League, Manifest Gallery and Drawing Center, the Ann Arbor Art Center, and the Huntington Museum of Art. She is currently working toward her Master of Fine Arts degree at Syracuse University.

Artist Statement: My work is a meditation on what it means to live in the Anthropocene. By visualizing projected futures outlined in climate and ecological assessments, I seek to convey the cognitive and emotional weight of our increasingly devastating impact on natural environments, and the precarity of our own survival should we fail to change course. By shifting the temporal vantage point of the viewer, I hope to activate the present moment as a crossroads in which projected futures can either be avoided or realized.

Image List:

  1. Memory Cloud, 2018, 10”x7.5”, graphite powder on paper
  2. Last Cut, 2018, 22”x19”, graphite powder on paper
  3. Eroded, 2018, 5”x5.5”, graphite powder on paper
  4. Spiral, 2018, 4.5”x4.5”, graphite powder on paper
  5. Ctenophore, 2018, 9”x 7.5”, graphite powder on paper
  6. Still Birth/ Egg of a Passenger Pigeon, 2019, 5”x5”, graphite powder on paper