Sated Soul

Emma Aversa

Emma is a junior in the environmental resource engineering program. 

Although the majority of her time is spent playing with numbers, in her free time she enjoys writing and cavorting with her rats.

Were I born with paws,

would my footsteps move less earth?

Were I covered in fur,

would cotton stay bound to its burrs?

Were my canines sanded flat,

would blood remain in bodies,

Beef on bones?

Were my mind simple,

would there ever be enough?

A squirrel buries bundles of brown nuts.




His sniffer looses the scent

when it comes time to


so again he digs,

and again,

filling the ground with holes

holes                                       holes                                        holes.

Never enough holes

A deer snacks;

teeth endlessly chomping

down saplings and


the skin from the seniors,

tree after tree.

Never enough trees

Never enough

If I had paws,

I would dig into the Earth,

holes deeper than drills bore.

So I could find a sweeter source

Of sustenance.

Never enough

If I were covered in fur,

surely I’d shave it,

Shape it,

Sell it.

Never enough

Were my teeth too dull to break flesh,

fear not,

for where my teeth failed,

my hands would flourish.




Never enough

Were my mind simple,

there would never be enough

Just as the deer endlessly devours,

desire descends.



With each triumph,

deeper destruction.

Until bodies burst

dead with nothing notable.

Vaccinated veins and

vacant vigils.


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