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December 2015 Staff

Unearthed is an online literary magazine published by SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry and run by undergraduate student editors working in collaboration with the Writing Program and ESF Communications staff. The journal focuses on works that define the environment as what Glen Mazis calls "surround"--the natural and social world that species share. We honor the [...]

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I am content to know/ The protecting embrace of a maple/ Shielding me/ From harsh January winds/


A Sated Soul

Were I born with paws,/ would my footsteps move less earth?/ Were I covered in fur,/ would cotton stay bound to its burrs?/

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Featured Artist Our featured artist is Sarah Kirkpatrick.  Sarah is an Environmental Biology major at SUNY-ESF (class of 2019) and works primarily with water colors.  Click the button below to view her work. Featured Artist Artwork Archive Dock Zack Smith, Environmental Studies, Class of [...]


Horticultural Therapy

"Succulents are easy to plant and care for, flowers are vibrantly colored and odorous, herbs smell strongly and also provide nutrition."

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Tortula Ruralis

Each pellucid drop glides down the awns/ and nestles between the verdant folds./ The small green leaves and drop embrace,/ To uncurl with the morning dew./

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Their Grasses, Their Reasons

Dawn breaks along with/ the farmer’s spirit./ He rises/ just to kneel down in prayer./

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The Importance of an Environmental Ethic that Fits

By David Kay Scholars and environmental activists debate which environmental ethic is best for guiding the way humans relate to nature. Traditional conservationists claim that there is an inherent dichotomy at play between human development and the environment, and therefore they frame the issue as a zero-sum game. This “wilderness ethic” has caused heated debate [...]

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The Key to Good Health Is Within You

By Lucas Kittelberger People idealize living a ‘healthy’ lifestyle. There are millions of diets that an individual can decide to follow, and about as many exercise programs. Commercials on TV tell us that it’s a smart idea to take the stairs and pass on ice cream, inferring that in doing so we will avoid some form [...]

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From the Stars

by Sonya M. Zielinski When you come from the stars The gentle dusty tumbling Of light and what is there when there is nothing at all— how could we relate, creature of the earth? And rock.   And what is there when Collisions between atoms Pull the dust together.

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